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Memory Board Workshop

$250.00 (Coming soon)

Create a memory board that tells the story of a particular time in your life.  My board tells of the friends and adventures I had when I was a flight attendant for TWA, way back when.  The board has meaning to me and a select few, but more than anything, it is colorful and whimsical piece of art.  Make your own story board about a time that was special to you in this detailed workshop.  We'll start with a blank board, partition it off in chunks and begin getting your story down in simple pictures and words.  It is fun, therapeutic and truly inspiring!

And at the end of class, we'll have an art exhibit with our spouses and the other workshops, too.  This is really fun because my husband crafts the best home brew in Tokyo -- your man will be happy!  We'll sip wine (or beer) and nosh on healthy appetizers while admiring our beautiful works of art.  This is usually planned the weekend following our last class.    



*If you find you need to work at home, you'll need a small angled tip paintbursh and some acrylic paints.  Tokyu Hands has a million colors.  I truly apologize, but because I have many classes going on at the same time, I can no longer loan out supplies.

**minimum 6 students